Wooden Bear Dress Up Puzzle


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  • Baby size: 31.5*14*4CM
  • Baby weight: 0.3 kg

Baby description:
Let the baby put the wood chips in the corresponding position of the kilograms, observe their corresponding relationship, which concave shape is placed in different shapes, and then tell the baby which is the head and which is the upper body and the lower body. After helping the baby spell out the graphics, let him complete it independently; let the baby learn to match the clothes, how to fight together is harmonious; let the baby know the meaning of each expression, when it is happy, that expression, when it is sad, that expression; Let the baby arbitrarily carry out the mosaic, and then let him tell you what is spelled out and express the baby's true thoughts. Pay attention to the development of the child's conversational ability; cultivate the child's aesthetics; pay attention to the child's details sensitive period and language-sensitive period of practice.