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  • Material: front - short plush blister, back - lamb velvet
  • Size: 102 * 76 cm

1. warm and good product use:
1, be a blanket on the way out
2, be air conditioning cover in summer
3, be used as a baby stroller cover
4, lay it on the bed as a blanket for babies
5, after taking the shower, can be used as a baby bath towel
6, sleeping at night, it can help the baby to be against the wind


  • First, the texture is soft, feel comfortable, warmth is good
  • Second, after high temperature shrinkage treatment, it is not easy to deform and wrinkle
  • Third, good physical properties, high fiber strength, wear resistance


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After the brushed surface, the surface has a rich and fluffy cotton fabric, which is divided into single-faced velvet and double-faced velvet. The flannel is soft and comfortable, and it is warm and comfortable. It should be used as a blanket for winter use. The fleece of the flannel is formed by repeatedly applying the needle tip of the brushing machine to pull a part of the fiber on the surface of the fabric, and the fluff is required to be short, dense and uniform. The printed velvet is brushed before printing, and the bleached and variegated flannel is finally brushed. The warp yarn used for the grey fabric of the flannel should be fine; the weft yarn should be coarse and the twist should be less. The cotton fibers of the spun yarn are preferably coarse and have a good uniformity. The fabric has a small density and a large weft density, so that the weft yarns appear on the surface, which is beneficial to the formation of full and uniform fluff of the weft cotton fibers. After the flannel is brushed, the latitudinal strength loss is large, so the quality of the cotton yarn and the brushing process are mastered.