Wooden Digital Clock Beaded

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  • Material: wooden

Toy Description:

Put the number 1-12 into the hole corresponding to the clock dial, and move the middle hour hand and minute to become a favorite clock block for your baby.

Develop your baby's observation ability and hand-eye coordination ability, let the baby practice inlaying, learn to find a one-to-one correspondence, teach the baby to know the numbers on the chassis first, and let him know what shape is on each number and let him The correct one-to-one correspondence, teach the baby to know the time, 60 minutes in one hour, 60 seconds in one minute, 24 hours a day;

You say a time, let the baby dial the right position and cultivate the concept of time. Knowing different shapes, seven days a week, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Educational purposes:

The shape of each digital building block is different, let the baby try to put them into the corresponding holes, exercise the ability of the baby's hand-eye coordination, let the baby do more hands, more brains; improve the baby

The flexibility of the finger, develop the baby's independent creative ability, and cultivate his sense of accomplishment. This will allow the baby to have a more vivid understanding of the time from the spatial thinking, rather than simply dialing the pointer.

Come teach and let your baby know the order of the numbers and identify the shapes and colors.

Expert guidance advice:

Let the children make full use of their imagination; you can use the real tools to compare the shape and use method, exercise the child's observation and combination ability, please pay attention to the parents.

It is a gradual process; the child is in a sensitive period of fine movements and spatial perception, and more exercises in this area.